Pysanky: Batik on Eggs

This is a traditional Ukrainian and Polish craft whereby liquid wax is applied in a design on the shell of an egg, by means of a mini tool called a “kitska“. The kitska is similar to a tjanting (see our earlier blog Wax-Resist Method) except the spout is very tiny and the wax flows out in a very thin, fine line.


Decorating an Easter egg with wax

Afterwards, the egg shell is carefully dyed, either in natural (plant derived) dyes or chemical dyes. Like the batik dye and overdye method, the waxing and dyeing process can be repeated as many times as the shell would absorb the dye.

The wax is finally removed by holding it close to a candle, or a heat source.

Do they do it with the egg still inside or an empty egg-shell? Most people blow out the egg before the waxing and dyeing, but in the old days, the egg would be set out to be allowed to dry out naturally, although sometimes, the danger of gases building up can explode your dyed egg.

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